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Crowe Foreign Services

Crowe Foreign Services has been on the cutting edge of serving process and obtaining evidence in foreign countries for over 30 years. International service is all we do. Don't be misled by others claiming to be the only entity authorized to serve documents abroad.

Why We Are the "Experts"

Our experience and knowledge are well known around the world and allows our clients to avoid costly mistakes and potential problems. Our personal relationships and regular dealings with the judicial authorities in many countries give us a better understanding of their procedures and requirements.

As the leading provider of legal support services abroad, we received special invitation in 2003 and 2009 to attend the Special Administrative Session of the Hague Conference on Private International Law, held at The Hague, Netherlands. Our presence is also expected at the upcoming 2014 session.

These sessions, typically held every five years, are organized by the Hague Administration to discuss the current mechanics and problems of the Hague Service Convention, Hague Evidence Convention, and Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents, and are attended by judicial representatives of signatory countries. Our attendance and participation in these sessions gives us insight into the current problems encountered by each country relating to documents they receive from the United States and how to avoid these problems as well as how they interpret and implement their obligations to the Conventions.

Because of our association with the Hague Administration, our director of operations was invited by the Hague Administration to be part of a “training” session in Mexico City presided over by the Hague Administration to provide guidance to the Mexican Central Authority and Mexican courts on their practical obligations with respect to service under the provisions of the Hague Service Convention. This session was attended by 140 of Mexico’s top level court judges and judicial officials. Following this session, the Mexican Central Authority indicated that they would make every effort to ensure that their procedures would be modified to comply with their Convention obligations and have service requests accepted in a more unified manner.

Unlike other international service agencies, we do not serve documents within the United States (although we do facilitate services in the United States for our clients in foreign countries). Our ONLY focus is legal support services abroad, from service to investigation to acquisition of evidence.

Our Convention service fees are a flat rate that is all inclusive. This fee includes shipment of the documents abroad using next day air courier and all support for any service we provide (including affidavits, consultations and recommendations, etc.). Costs for all requested services are quoted in advance.